Saturday, November 14, 2009


What are the point of relationships in life? A relationship is supposed to be an emotional connection between you and another person. Right? Then why do they tend to be so stressful and annoying? Is it really worth all the effort and time you put into them? It seems to me no matter what relationship you are in, there is a percentage of time where you and that other person will be in some sort of conflict or argument. This time period is liable to drive one or both people out of their minds. Its true that you have some type of affection and feelings for this person. But during that period all of that emotion for that person goes out the window. You get to the point where you just want to strangle the life out of the person.
I mean you would never actually do this but you definitely consider it for a few moments. I guess what I am getting at is in any relationship,the moments of happiness are so few and far apart, you begin to wonder. If something is going to cause you more pain and grief than happiness. Why do we put up with it?
Who knows?

Friday, November 13, 2009

No One is Perfect...

I know I am not perfect and I have never considered myself to be so, but what really irritates me are self righteous, narrow minded, arrogant individuals. I hate people who feel they have the right to judge others when they have no idea who that person is or what they have been through. I just think in the times we are living in now, no one can be too judgmental. We live in an age where you are FREE to be whoever or whatever you want to be.
So who are you to tell anyone what is right or wrong. Who has that power except maybe other than GOD.
I think those who let themselves be misled by their own small mindedness. they will never enjoy the beautiful significant things in life. And life is way to short to let pass you by.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Your Letter-112

"It said you loved me but you didn't know the words to say,
It said you never knew that you could ever feel this way"

Yeah, that is how I am feeling right now. I took it back to 112. Recently, I have found myself fascinated with a lot of great dead 'legends'. It is amazing how many truly talented individuals have died this year alone, leaving the mark on the world forever imprinted. Michael Jackson being one of the most recent notable people to have passed on. I remember when I first heard the news of Mr. Jackson's death. I didn't know how I felt, I was sad. But I think I was in shock for a few day until I saw everything on television. Then and only then did I realize he was really gone.

I cried for hours watching videos of him and listening to interviews. Michael Jackson was 30 years older than I am now and probably has experienced so many incredible things in his life. I knew about him but I never KNEW about him. If you know what I mean, I feel like I deprived myself of the most precious knowledge and experience by not letting myself explore who Michael Jackson truly was and forever will be.

He was a person who loved people so much and all he wanted was to do what he loved. I know that I never knew Michael Jackson and he had absolutely no idea who I am. I just wish I could of reached out and helped him. I know that sounds crazy because I have no idea what I could possibly do to help him. But I just felt the strongest desire to help,,,to guide him. I feel like the people in his life didn't help him the way he needed to be helped.

I find solace in the knowledge that now that Michael has passed on that no one can bother him anymore. No one can follow him everywhere he goes and he can sing and dance and do what he loved to do for eternity. I hope there is a life after death for Michael because he deserves it more than anyone else. He can finally have a normal life, free from ridicule and criticism and pain. That is my one wish for him. May he rest in peace and live forever in our minds and hearts.