Thursday, November 10, 2011

Social Networking Hiatus..sort of..

I call myself taking a break from Facebook and Twitter this week because I was in a pretty bad mood and some of the feelings that I have been feeling do not belong on the news feed of Facebook nor on the timeline of my followers on Twitter. Not that I have many followers or friends on either site, but nevertheless I felt I should take precautions. Some people are only interested in you or I should say interested in being nosy when you are going thru some serious issues in life.
I really don't feel like being criticized by people who one don't know and two have NO idea about what the hell I am talking about but still has the nerve to give me their opinion
I needed to vent so that is kind of how I ended up on this website. I really wish I blogged more often but sometimes I can't sit still long enough to get my thoughts together well enough to put on here. I wish I could just type with my brain that would be so cool. Lol.

You know two things I am realizing as I get older. Greed is contagious and people are thirsty for things they should not have. I need to separate myself from it. Anyways I gotta go..I am at work and I just needed a quick vent. Later..Smooches

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