Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finding Balance

I feel like my moods have been fluctuating dramatically lately. One day I will feel completely upbeat and happy then literally the following day I will feel the complete opposite. I don't know why that is as far as I know I have no medical reason to be feeling this way. I personally think my problem is that I think way too much about things and let myself dwell on the things in my life I can't do anything to change.
I worry a lot. About everyone. Friends, family, random strangers. and I find myself being morbid. Thinking about death and how much time I have left on the earth. I know that is a part of life but I know its not something you should sit and dwell on either. So I have been trying to find some type of balance. That way I can deal better with my topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster and not be so blah some days. I know my moods effect the people around me as well as my goals I set for myself that day.
I am trying to be more positive and instead of concentrating so hard on the future and things I can't change immediately. I am taking it day by day, setting daily goals for myself. And when I accomplish them I feel a lot better about myself. I feel empowered and strong. I know I am capable of anything. I just need to keep thinking that way and I will be successful.


  1. Do you write down your daily goals? Your blog has reminded me that when I write down my daily goals, they actually get done. Haven't been doing that for quite a while. Good idea to have daily goals as well as long-term ones.


    I hope you keep smiling

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