Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought? You know that your searching for something but it's like you just can't figure it out. I know its there but I just can't reach it yet. And you know how something makes perfect sense to you but to someone else it makes no sense at all....Yeah that's where I'm at right now, still at the drawing board.

My imperfections are so clear to me. Sometimes I wonder if it is that clear for others to see. I know that God made me. But for what purpose? I ask myself that question a lot lately. Spend hours upon hours thinking of reasons why. I can never find one to my satisfaction. I know I can make it to success. Sometimes it seems so difficult and unattainable. I refuse to fail but failure may be in my nature. How can you change something your not sure you are? That doesn't make sense to even me. So I know you don't understand my complexity. I am speaking in rhyme and yet I am not. Someone please save me.


  1. know exactly what you mean

    our complexities makes it fun, yet frustrating

    love the flowers on your banner :)

    hope you are smiling