Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death to Automated Services.

I am not going to say I hate Tmobile. They have provided me with adequate phone service for the past two years and I am grateful. I am definitely a phone person and I do not know what I would do if I didn't have a cell phone. But T-mobile customer service??? Well I haven't had the best experiences dealing with them. My contract is up on September 15th 2009 which means I have the option of severing all ties with T-mobile and moving elsewhere. Or I can upgrade to a newer phone at a discounted price in exchange for extending my contract for two additional years.
Here is my problem with that, there are times when I am sitting in my house not underground or somewhere in the country with no telephone wires. But in my bedroom, located near lots of buildings, streets, and hopefully T-mobile towers. I will be sitting on my bed and have absolutely no service. I mean its not for a long time but the short span of time I am out of range or whatever become annoying. I don't think that should happen when you are in your home.
So then when you call to speak to a customer service representative, you have to jump through flaming hoops just to speak to a real person. Seriously, then the person you do get in contact with can't even speak proper English. Look, don't get me wrong I have nothing wrong with outsourcing or whatever it is called. But if your going to hire people from foreign countries to handle people's inquiries. then pleaaaaaaseee let them speak clear and fluent English because I hate asking people to repeat themselves over and over. I am pretty sure that the customer service representative doesn't like repeating what they have been saying either.

Point is, I want human beings back behind the phone when I call to bitch about how sucky my service is, they are a lot more comforting than some automated voice. Lol

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