Friday, September 11, 2009

Isn't it Ironic?

It is absolutely without a doubt ironic. It seems to always work that way in life. You wait all your life to meet the love of your life or get the career of your life or have the biggest adventure of your life. It all ends up being one big disappointment. I speak from personal experience of course, that is all I can really speak from I guess. But I met the most beautiful, sweet, and loving person this past year. There were so many things wrong about the entire situation surrounding this person, it was crazy. Nevertheless, I was in love..head over heels in love. I don't know why I tortured myself by even allowing myselt to continue to grow closer to someone I know in my heart that I can never be with. I can never have a future with but yet I kept on spending time and making memories with this amazing person.

side note*** I hate my freaking phone, it just blacked out and probably erased all my shit in my phone...ughhhh

I can't even continue my thought. This will have to be continued at a later date. Cheers!

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